⛓️ Seeking Yield by Staked - Issue #17

🚨 Staked Launches Staking on IRIS Network, 🚖 Terra Partners With Kakao Mobility, ⚖️ Tezos Activates Athens Upgrade, 💻 LoanScan Rolls Out Website Redesign, 📊 Staking and Lending Yields & more

This is the seventeenth issue of Seeking Yield by Staked, a weekly update about the most interesting things happening in crypto asset staking and lending.

🚨 Staked Launches Staking on IRIS Network

Staked has launched staking on IRIS Network, a Tendermint-based inter-chain service infrastructure and protocol for building trustworthy and distributed business applications. 

Intending to create a foundation for distributed business applications, the IRISnet hub aims to be a zone and regional hub connected to Cosmos main hub.

IRIS Network expects to facilitate both staking tokens and fee tokens to support the operation of the network. IRIS, the native staking token of IRIS Network, plays an integral role in consensus and governance. 

To delegate your IRIS to Staked, please use the following address:


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🚖 Terra Partners With Kakao Mobility

Terra recently announced a partnership with Kakao Mobility, the largest ride-hailing platform in Korea and part of the country’s Internet giant Kakao.

Kakao Mobility boasts more than 22 million users and 230K taxi drivers. Read the full announcement here!

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⚖️ Tezos Activates Athens Upgrade

After nearly three months of on-chain governance processes, Tezos Athens has officially has been activated. In a decentralized fashion, active participants of the Tezos network were able to increase the gas limit and reduce the roll size - a tremendous accomplishment for on-chain governance.

In the Promotion Period or final phase of voting, 216 bakers representing 47,031 rolls (~84.3% of the stake or ~$750M) voted to activate Athens A.

For more, Jack Arluck’s recent piece reflecting on the upgrade is available here.

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💻 LoanScan Rolls Out Website Redesign

LoanScan, an emerging staple of the open financial ecosystem, has recently rolled out a website redesign with a plethora of great educational open finance resources.

Check out a few screenshots from the new site below. 👇

Visit the full website and learn more about LoanScan here!

📊 Current Staking Yields

Staked currently supports Cosmos (ATOM), Terra (LUNA), Horizen (ZEN), Loom Network (LOOM), Tezos (XTZ), Livepeer (LPT), Dash (DASH), EOS (EOS), and Factom (FCT), Decred (DCR), and IRIS Network (IRIS).

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📊 Current ETH Lending Yields

There are both on-chain and off-chain crypto asset lending solutions.

Below are various crypto asset lending solutions and annual ETH lending yields.

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💼 We are hiring!

Staked is growing and always searching for new talent! We are currently looking for:

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About Staked

Staked helps institutional investors reliably and securely compound their crypto by 5% — 100% annually through staking and lending. Staked runs validation nodes for proof-of-stake currencies and offers access to on- and off-chain lending options that provide an annualized yield of in-kind currency.

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