⛓️ Seeking Yield by Staked - Issue #35

📢 Staked September 2019 Update, ✅ Delegate to Staked from Trust Wallet, 📽️ Livepeer GPU Miner Update, 📈 Terra Korea Blockchain Week Announcements, & 📊 Current Staking and Lending Yields

This is the thirty-fifth issue of Seeking Yield by Staked, a weekly update about the most interesting things happening in crypto asset staking and lending.

📢 Staked September 2019 Update 

September was a busy one! We are extremely grateful for the support and feedback we have received from the community, as we continue to make Staked the easiest place to compound your crypto assets through staking and lending.

In September, we:

  • Introduced the Robo-Advisor for Yield (RAY), a set of smart contracts that automatically allocate crypto assets to the highest yielding opportunities. Try RAY today here!

  • Updated the Staked API for yields and reporting to support 10 chains. Learn more here!

  • Got up and running on Solana, Kusama (Polkadot), Telegram, and Edgeware testnets. Sign up here to learn more!

  • Completed our Trail of Bits audit for the Robo-Advisor for Yield (RAY) smart contracts.

  • Received approval for our Orbs guardian node.

  • Participated in the ICON Pre-Voting Period, claiming a top spot.

We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with best-in-class staking and lending infrastructure!

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👉 Staked September 2019 Update

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✅ Delegate to Staked from Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, a leading crypto asset wallet, recently announced support for staking, featuring Staked as one of the initial Cosmos validators on the new platform at launch.

Check it out! 👇

We are excited to be supported by Trust Wallet and look forward to growing the staking ecosystem together!

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👉 Delegate ATOMs to Staked from Trust Wallet today!

📽️ Livepeer GPU Miner Update

A major component of the upcoming Livepeer Streamflow update is software that allows GPU crypto miners to simultaneously run Livepeer video transcoding software. The Livepeer video transcoding software is able to utilize idle video processing ASICs on commercial GPUs, effectively transcoding video while causing minimal disruption to the GPU’s hashrate. 

To test the software performance, the Livepeer team recently assembled a basic test mining rig with the following spec.

Check out the test miner below! 👇

Before benchmarking, the Livepeer team established a performance baseline by running a live stream transcoding task without running the mining software. From here, the team tested accordingly and observed the performance of the network.

Read the full post from Livepeer team below to learn more about specific takeaways and observations.

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👉 Livepeer GPU Miner Update

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📈 Terra Korea Blockchain Week Announcements

Launching in April of 2019, Terra has seen absolutely tremendous growth, approaching 400,000 total addresses since genesis. Showing no signs of slowing down, Terra recently made several noteworthy announcements at Korea Blockchain Week.

Announcements during the week included:

  • Terra now powers global payments Hong Kong-based SSG Duty Free.

  • A CHAI debit card is expected to launch by early 2020, enabling Terra’s blockchain payments to be accepted and available virtually everywhere in Korea.

  • By end-of-year, CHAI will launch offline payments with CU, Korea’s largest convenience store chain with 14,000 locations.

Terra continues to ship at an impressive rate.

We are proud supporters of Terra and look forward to continued success!

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👉 Korea Runs on Terra presentation

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📊 Current Staking & Lending Yields

Staked currently supports 16 different crypto assets including Cosmos, Algorand, Tezos, Dash, Decred, Orbs, Horizen, Livepeer, EOS, Factom, Loom, Iris, Terra, Dai, and USDC.

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Staked helps institutional investors reliably and securely compound their crypto by 5% — 100% annually through staking and lending. Staked runs validation nodes for proof-of-stake currencies and offers access to on- and off-chain lending options that provide an annualized yield of in-kind currency.

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